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A Pass For Oliver

A huge congratulations to Oliver for Passing his Driving Test today on the 8th July in Loughborough 😁 🚗💨

I sensed a huge sigh of relief when you got your result, and the fact there were no idiots on electric Skateboards today 😉. In the run up today, you really heald it together and it was probably worth going into work this morning rather than pacing around the living room 😜.

No more having to take your motorbike to work dealing with unpredictable British Weather 🥶. Hopefully, you will find your perfect car soon 🚙 and enjoy the freedom on the road. 🛣️

I'm really proud of your achievement, and will miss the banter. Thanks for being a fantastic student and your continued commitment. I have to say that having the experience riding a motorbike gave you important knowledge and foundations you needed to learn to drive and at such a fast pace.

Believe in Yourself and You Can Achieve So Much!

Safe Driving

Your Instructor, Simon Harrison

@4front Driving School


Mindfulness And Driving

Oliver Passing His Driving Test in Loughborough

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