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A First Time Pass for Lottie

Woop Woop - A First Time Pass for Lottie 🥳

A huge congratulations to Lottie for passing her Driving Test First Time today on the 2nd November in Loughborough with 4DFs. 🚗

And let's not forget the yummy chocolate reserve 🍫 before the test😋. It worked its magic once again to calm the nerves, releasing your Endorphins & Boosted your Serotonin. Let's not forget your hard work and effort to show the examiner your best Driving.

I am super proud of you! The extra lessons this week on the run-up to the test worked a treat, alowing everything to come together today.

I sensed the sigh of relief when the examiner gave you the result you deserved 👏😁

I hope you find a car soon. Maybe on your trip home this weekend will be an excuse to go car shopping. Hint hint Mum & Dad 😉.

Lottie - you have been a delight to teach - Well done again, Believe In Yourself And You Can Achieve So Much!

Safe Driving

Your instructor Simon Harrison

4front Driving School


Mindfulness And Driving

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