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1st Time Pass For Mirren

A huge congratulations to Mirren for passing her Driving Test First Time today on the 27th September in Loughborough. 🚗

I am so proud of you and how you held everything together today. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster along the way. But you definitely made the right choice in moving the test to a later date. As along with the extra practice and hours you put in between sessions with mum and dad in the run up to your test, it meant you were able to achieve your potential and get your licence you deserve.

So let's give A Big Shout Out to your Mum and Dad, who put in numerous hours with you between lessons, which definitely helped you improve your driving.

I hope you enjoy your freedom.

Mirren - you have been a delight to teach - Well done again, Believe In Yourself And You Can Achieve So Much!

Safe Driving

Your instructor Simon Harrison

4front Driving School


Mindfulness And Driving

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