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What Will Happen On The Day Of My Driving Test?

On the day of your driving test you will be picked up roughly an hour before your test. Treat it like a warm up where you have the opportunity to get rid your nerves and ask any questions that might be bothering you. You will drive to the test centre 10 minuted before the test and reverse bay park your vehicle into an designated parking bay. Make sure that the vehicle is set up exactly to your requirements – seat position, steering wheel, mirrors etc. When you enter the building its advised to use the toilet so that you feel comfortable during your test. You will wait in the waiting area with your instructor until the examiner calls your name. Have your driving license ready and the key for the car. When you are called out you will be required to present your license and confirm your address. Then you will be asked to sign the declaration on the test paper. Your examiner will ask if you wish to have your instructor to sit in the back with you during the test, sometimes this helps calm nerves, other times it may be a distraction – choose wisely, your instructor can’t do anything or say anything during the test. You will walk to the car and be required to read out a number plate. Your examiner will also ask you a tell me question.  When you enter the car and get comfy the examiner will check the car and take down some notes. The test will last between half an hour and 40 minutes. When you return to the test centre it is not required to park perfectly, remember your test is not over until you turn off the engine. The examiner will then give you your feedback and result which you can invite your instructor to attend.  You will then be given a lift home hopefully with the result you want and a smile on your face.

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