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Senario – Glare Of The Sun After Rain

Have you ever considered different senarios that you may face when you are out on the road.

Here is a common one to consider.

Senario – So we’ve just had a downpour of rain and the sun has started to come out which is rather low in the sky. What do you need to consider or be aware of?

The glare off the sun on the road

As the the sun reflects the water on the road it causes a glare that affects the drivers visibility and makes the road markings more difficult to see.

How could you deal with this situation to make the driving condition easier to contend with?

At 4front Driving School we encourage our students to,

1) Use your sunglasses, (and bring them with you to each lesson so that you are prepared) 2) Use the sun visor to reduce the glare, 3) Slow down if your visibility is reduced to give yourself more time to make decisions and direct the car more safely and efficiently. 4) Remember to still check your mirrors as you will still be able to see how accurately you are positioned in the road.

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