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The One Ash Roundabout

The One Ash Roundabout in Loughborough can be a challenge for learners and those unfamiliar with the area. Of course it is so important to read the signs and markings and following the basic rules regarding roundabouts. However this Roundabout breaks the basic rules when going straight on for two entrances where you need to use the right hand lane on approach from Quorn towards Loughborough Town centre and from the Town centre towards Quorn.

There is also a bus lane to contend with which has a time restriction where you can't use it between 7.30 am and 9.30 am, however you are expected to use it after or before this time unless you are overtaking.

On approach to the roundabout from Leicester towards the University the sign says 2 lanes on approach, however when you approach the roundabout, the markings say otherwise. in fact there are 3 and you risk cutting up the drivers to your right if you don't stick to your markings. It's also on the brow of a hill which means you don't see the markings until late.

From town towards Leicester there is also a farm access point which the satnav picks up on as an exit. There are 2 Roundabout signs but the first sign does not include it, however the second sign does. The markings suggest it is a left onto the A6 and that the farm is not an exit. So we advise you signal left on approach to take the exit towards Leicester as the opportunity will be too late after passing the farm access point.

It is important to familiarise yourself with this roundabout as if you make a mistake on it then it can impact on the result of your test. Driving Lessons in and around Loughborough

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