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Driving Tips For Success As A Learner Driver

Driving Tips For Success


Doing a bit of homework for yourself can really help. Your instructor may set you some tasks to do, things to reflect on or read up on.

Try searching YouTube to get some information about the driving syllabus and what to expect on the day of the test. Many people have made blogs on their own experiences that may come in handy. Also the DVSA have published their own set of videos to support you.

Some of the videos may relate to the lesson you have just had or the lesson planned for next week that you will be doing, i.e. roundabouts and dual carriageways are a really good place to start.


Get involved, at the end of each of your lessons, it is advisable to have a look back on the lesson and have a chat with your instructor on what you need to work on to improve and better your progress. You could compile a summary of the lesson to self reflect. What went well? What Didn’t go so well? And what do I want to improve on as a personal target for next lesson. Discuss this with your instructor as itwill help you improve at a faster more substantial pace while also helping your instructor understand how you feel your doing and what your personal weaknesses are.


As your driving test is approaching have an in-depth conversation with your instructor on where you are regarding progress with your lessons – Are you on track with where you need to be for your driving test? Do you need more lessons to practice certain areas? Will you have enough time to practice these?

There is no point in taking the test if you are not ready or you are setting yourself up to fail.


On the driving test day, make sure you have had a good nights sleep and have killed of any nerves, you will go out for your instructor before the test to have a warm up session, stay focussed and don’t let that mind wonder.


At the test Centre you will sign in at the waiting area. Get your license ready and key for the car you are using for your test. Make sure you have been to the toilet, a full bladder can be a distraction on your test. Try not to worry and chill out for 5 minutes. Your examiner will come out to introduce themselves to you and to explain what is going to happen on your driving test. They may look a bit serious but try to be yourself, there is no need to impress them. You don’t have to make conversation with them but it may help you feel more at ease. They are not there to be a friend and you only have to deal with them for about 40 minutes.

If you do spark up a conversation during the test then try to avoid continuing the discussion when you need to concentrate. Remember it’s your driving test so show them what you can do. Take control, be responsible for the decisions you make.


During your driving test do not try and second guess what your driving examiner is thinking or what they may be about to say or do. Just stay focused on your driving.

If you think you have made a mistake, remove that thought from your mind and move on. If you keep mulling over it then more mistakes will be made. You never know that mistake might not have been as bad as you thought and in the end you can’t change what has already happened, you can only move forward with the rest of the test.

When you arrive back at the test centre, make sure you take your car out of gear and put on the Parking brake and put it into neutral, then switch off the engine.and relax, your test is over. When you pass your driving test your examiner will take your provisional driving licence off of you and give you a pass certificate in its place, the examiner will then send off for you and you will receive your full driving licence within a couple of weeks of passing your driving test. Now you are a fully qualified driver, remember please be patient with learner drivers when you see them on the road. You were like them once. Learn to Drive with Simon at 4front Driving School Loughborough. If you want to book a driving lesson with 4front Driving School then fill out our online enquiry form at Or call Simon on 07905657229 You can email We offer tailor made driving lessons in and around Loughborough. Check out our google reviews LABELS: 4FRONT DRIVING SCHOOLDRIVING INSTRUCTORDRIVING LESSONS IN AND AROUND LOUGHBOROUGHDRIVING SCHOOLDRIVING TIPS FOR LEARNER DRIVERSLOUGHBOROUGH

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