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Driving In The Dark

At 4front Driving School we believe that it is important to get experience in a range of different driving conditions when you are learning to drive.

Night time driving (driving in the dark) is one of them and we encourage learners to gain experience in these dark conditions. To drive safely in the dark you need to consider some important steps to make the experience less daunting so that you not only feel safer but become a safe driver in the dark. Make sure you keep your windscreen clean, clear and streak free. Do the same for all your other windows and don’t forget your mirrors. This will help to avoid any increased glare and condensation build up. To reduce condensation build up in damp conditions try using the air conditioning, it won’t make the car cold if the heat setting is correct but instead will circulate dry air around the interior of the car. Don’t dazzle other drivers – dip your lights when faced with another road users. If you need to use your full beam such as down a dark country road, then make sure it is switched off when approaching any oncoming vehicles or if you are following a vehicle. Help drivers see you in twilight by turning your headlights on before sunset and keeping them on during sunrise. Some cars have auto lights so why not take advantage of it if you have this option. Be aware that other road users, it will be hard at first to judge your position between vehicles if you have not driven in the dark before so be prepared to give them more space. Be more observant and watch out for pedestrians. Too many people wear dark clothes at night and it therefore making it harder to spot them. So keep scanning the pavements and road ahead of you for any pedestrians that could potentially pose a risk. If you feel your dashboard lights are too glaring it may be worth choosing a setting suitable for night time. By dimming your dashboard lights it will reduce the reflections and avoid any impact on your vision of the road ahead.

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