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A Pass For Caiden

A huge congratulations to Caiden for passing his Driving Test today on the 4th October in Loughborough. 🚗

Well done fella, you nailed it! I hope your super proud of your achievement today. I know I am proud of you. You kept things cool and chilled out so that the whole experience was relaxed as much as it could be.

No more lifts to work or Ubers!

I hope you enjoy your freedom in your car waiting for you at home. I'm sure you will really appreciate the freedom on the road and being able to commute to work on your own from now on.

Caiden - you have been a delight to teach - Well done again fella, Believe In Yourself And You Can Achieve So Much!

Safe Driving

Your instructor Simon Harrison

4front Driving School


Mindfulness And Driving

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