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When you learn to drive, you are encouraged to write a reflection journal which is essentially a written record that students create as they think about various concepts learnt, about critical incidents involving their learning, or about interactions between students and instructors, over a period of time for the purpose of gaining insights into their own learning - self reflecting. We encourage you to take a positive and constructive approach with your journal so have built a library of examples, and afermation suggestions to help trigger your thoughts and write your refelctions more clearly.

You have 2 options - either print off our PDF self reflection form or submit your self reflection using the online form to your driving instructor.


What did you achieve or do well on today in your lesson? (A positive reflection)

I was really pleased with how I reacted to the person pulling out of a side road without looking. My instructor praised me for my response.

What didn't go so well or what happened that might be worrying you? (A constructive self criticism or worry)

I get really worried turning right on roundabouts. Today I was asked to turn right on the busy roundabout and I had an anxious feeling creep into my stomach.

How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable. I lack confidence in this area and feel its holding me back.

Re-write your worry or problem in a constructive manner, what will you do differently next time so that you improve your performance and reduce anxiety, worries or faults?

It's normal for someone to feel worried about turning right on a busy roundabout. I am not alone, but have my instructor with me to guide me and support me until I become confident enough to achieve this independently.

I will tell myself it is normal to be worried, but I have faced this problem before. I am getting better at this and can do it. If others can face this fear and overcome it then so can I. Roundabouts are designed to improve the flow of traffic and make my Driving experience easier so I am going to improve my skills so that I can use them to their full potential.

Below is a table cotaining suggested afermations and sentence openers to help you self reflect.

Self Reflection Form

Thanks for submitting!

self reflection form

Ideas to help you reflect

Constructive self criticism

I was disappointed in…. but….

I know that it didn't go to plan when I…. because

I understand why it didn't go to plan when I…. because….

I understand where I went wrong….. however….

If I had…. then…. 

My…. went wrong because….

I was not as focussed today because…. however next lesson I will…..

I was lost concentration….. because….

I made the mistake of….. because….

The area I want to improve on is…..

The area that did not go so well today was….

My target based on todays lesson is….

I want to improve on ….. because

I was aware of when…. happened, to improve on this I will….

I want to get better at…. and to do this I will….


Positive reflections

I did well at …. today

I achieved a good….

I was praised for….

I reacted well when….

I stayed focussed during….

My ….. has improved since last lesson.

I am getting better at ….

My ability to….. is improving.

I am proud of…..

I am proud of the way I…..

My instructor was pleased with the way I….

I enjoyed …..

I proved that I can …..

I have learnt how to…..

I have successfully…..


Positive targets

I want to get better at….

I believe I can achieve….

Next lesson I will….

Next time I will try to….

I will focus on….

I will get better at….

My goal is to….

I know I can….

I can achieve….

I will progress…

I want to develop my….

My instructor and I agree I will….

Present Tense Affirmations

I am sailing through my driving test

I am a focused driver

I am confident in my driving abilities

I am calm and relaxed behind the wheel

I enjoy driving

I am an aware and confident driver

I am staying calm during my driving test

I am enjoying my driving test

I can pass my driving test.

I want to pass my Driving test.

I am focusing on passing my driving test

I am passing my test

I can make the correct judgments when parking.

I can stay focussed

I am ready to face the challenge

I can achieve a parallel park as I have done before.

I am taking my test for me

I’m calm, relaxed and competent when I parallel park

I always make the correct judgments when parking

My driving instructor believes in me,

My driving instructor believes I can do it.

I believe I have the ability to pass my Driving test

I’m calm, relaxed and competent when I parallel park


Future Tense Affirmations

I will be confident during my driving test

I will be focused behind the wheel

I will remain calm during my test

I will enjoy taking my driving test

I will concentrate on my driving

I will be free from distractions

I will pass my driving test

I will thrive under pressure

I will stay in control while taking my test

I am going to easily pass my test

I will stay focused during my driving test

I will pass my test

I will try my best


Natural Affirmations

Driving comes naturally to me

I feel motivated to pass

I want to pass,

I want to do this,

I believe in myself and my ability

I have confidence in my driving

Focusing is easy for me

My concentration level is high

My demeanor is calm

Others see me as a careful driver

My awareness is high when behind the wheel

My emotions are controlled

Driving tests are fun

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