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What makes a good instructor?

Everyone remembers a Good Driving Instructor. A good Driving Instructor can makr or break your chances of success. It can be the difference between a horrible experience and progressing with ease and succeeding your goals.

When you are learning to drive you’re unlikely to get everything right first time. It’s really important for your personal development to learn from mistakes. Therefore it is important that you have an instructor who is understanding and patient, who stands buy you as a mentor and friend. 

You want to look elsewhere if they are someone who gets frustrated or annoyed when you don’t master skills straight away, it is only going to knock your confidence and make things worse. Ask yourself the question – are they right for you? Is their style or character right for you. Is the car right for you? Did you choose the right path manual over automatic? At the end of the day you are in control of your destiny.

Practice makes perfect, and a good instructor will give you enough space, time and encouragement to learn and grow until you are ready for your test. You will also need to be patient and committed to spend time practicing and learning. It may be a gental step by step hill to climb or you may pick things up very quickly. Everyone is different so your instructor must work at your pace.

At 4front Driving School we aim to help you achieve these goals in a friendly and supportive learning environment. Build your confidence. Learn with pride and succeed.

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