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What are the benefits of learning to drive when you are young?

What are the benefits of learning to drive when you are young?

There are many benefits of learning to drive when you are young from getting to places quicker, giving you more freedom, increasing your employability, improving your social status and most importantly your independence.

If the cost of running a car worry you – write down some figures and plan how you might fund things. Yes it does cost money to learn and yes it does cost money to run and insure a car. But learning when you are young you don’t have commitments such as mortgages, bills, rent etc so your outgoings are less. If you have to add this on later in life it can be more inconvenient. Read on to find out how to budget for your lessons, car insurance etc.  


Leaning to drive at a young age you have more time on your hands – free periods at college or Uni, evenings and weekends with no commitments, mortgage or bills to pay. Then to pass at a young age will have so many great benefits. Getting anywhere when not driving can be time-consuming. In most situations, you have to beg for a lift preferably from friends or family, otherwise your on your bike. Public transport is quite inconvenient and expensive. Knowing how to drive and having a vehicle will help a lot in saving your time.


You don’t want to have to depend on people for a ride – Being able to drive means it is easy to get anywhere you want without being reliant. You can earn petrol money from your friends too when going out to places.


Being able to drive opens the door to greater job opportunities as well as making it more accessible to reach jobs in destinations that are harder to get to on foot or public transport. It can help you secure an employment opportunity especially when they require you to hold a clean driving license. Its satisfying knowing that you can be sent out to do things on your own as long you can drive responsibly.


Friends look up to you when you have a car and can drive. Learning how to drive and having your own vehicle makes you feel more useful to the society by helping people and lending your vehicle. One usually gains respect when doing all these.


Learning how to drive is convenience building – you have achieved something, have a license, out on the road. This can make you feel great about yourself and what you could achieve.


Learning how to drive nowadays is somehow a mark of maturity and independence. One can simply go anywhere they feel like without boundaries. The world is a much bigger place when you can get out on the road.


Moving objects from one place to another is one hell of a task. Owning a vehicle, on the other hand, makes it easy to move objects and you can benefit from getting paid by others to help them move things for them or even sign up to courier companies like amazon and earn in your free time.


You will need to think of a few things to budget for your lessons, buying your car, running and insuring your car.

Lessons – you will probably need 40+ hours of lessons to be test ready – Offers on lessons can save money like buying 10 lesson bundles upfront. Cheap lessons on the other hand don’t mean that you will get a good instructor or a good car to learn in. There is usually a catch.

Here are some things you may want to research before purchasing a car or deciding if you go for new or used.

Buying your first car – 

New – no MOT for 3 years, warranty for 3 years +, some come with free insurance and can sometimes be haggled for a sale. This can also be achieved on leasing or hire purchase. You can then change the car every so many years and have a set amount to budget for each month.

Yearly service usually required.

Insurance may be higher because of the value of the car.

Road Tax (Some are exempt – low emissions or electric)

Breakdown cover (Sometimes is free and included in warranty)

Buy an older car – 

MOT each year £30+ (Also any repairs needed)

Risk of breaking downYearly service – fees vary.Maintenance and repairs. Insurance may be cheaper because of the value of the car.Road Tax (Some are exempt – low emissions or electric) Breakdown cover (Overall the monthly outgoings may vary because of unpredictable maintenance costs)

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