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Tips for learner drivers – planning ahead, addressing mistakes, taking responsibility

Tips for Learner Drivers

Addressing Mistakes: When learning to drive it is important to reflect back on mistakes you make. Mistakes are normal and part of learning. Its very important that you can understand why you might have made the mistake and what you would do next time to prevent it from happening again. This will help you become a safe and competent driver. If you make a mistake and realise you have made an error – discuss it with your instructor. Try and address what you think you should have done differently. This is good self assessment.

Planning Ahead: By observing the traffic lights ahead you can see, learn and eventually predict the sequence of lights – what might happen next? When are they likely to change? Will I need to slow down, can I continue to go if I slow down a bit before the lights with the anticipation of them changing from red to green by the time I get there?

Take responsibility: Try and take responsibility as a learner driver as soon as possible. You need to become less and less reliant on your instructor to step in, guide you or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. You will be ready for your test sooner if you become more independent. Get your theory test out the way early on and build your knowledge and understanding of the highway code as soon as possible. This will help you progress towards independence.

These tips were provided by 4front Driving School

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