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The structure of a Driving Lesson

What is the structure of a Driving Lesson with 4front Driving School?

When you take a course of driving lessons, your training is individually structured to meet your own personal needs and requirements. Here at 4front Driving School this means that the lessons are structured differently for each individual student as everyone is different and will work at their own pace. We strive to succeed our approach to fulfill our Aims and Objectives 

As lessons progress and you move forward to the next level, the structure of each lesson is tailored around you – ‘The Learner’. We never use a one lesson fits all approach. We change the pace and teaching technique to suite the level of ability, knowledge and skill.

As a general guide, the usual lesson format for an average lesson would look something like this:

  1. Recap on the previous lesson,

  2. The learning objectives / targets for the lesson ahead.

  3. Driving to a relevant location for lesson, if required, at early stages this might be by the instructor.

  4. Discussion any questions or queeries that the student may have.

  5. Guided and prompted practise of the current topic, some of this may be shown as a diagram or from a visual guide, demonstrated then practised.

  6. To incorporate the above in the general driving alongside the other areas already covered.

  7. To question mistakes so that you the student can work out why you might have missed something. Self reflection and self discipline makes an independent driver.

  8. At the end of the lesson we will recap & set a plan or target for the next lesson.

A course of driving lessons will be structured on a weekly basis to best suit each individual learner’s level of ability. 

With each new pupil, these needs will always be different. People are unique and everyone learns at a different pace. Where one pupil may excel at certain driving tasks and yet struggle with others, other learners will struggle in completely different areas, and excel in different skill. Some students find that it all starts comming together after a few attempts and thereafter it comes natural to them.

However learning involves effort from both the instructor and from yourself. Progression takes place best when the learner is attentive and actively attempts to consolidate the new material for each new topic. 

We will suggest free Apps and guides to help you reflect back on the lessons so that the information that you have learnt starts to make sense and you can easily refer to it and reflect back on it with ease when you return to the following lesson.

The App to reflect back on lessons is 

These are the areas that will be covered in your lessons.

  1. Vehicle safety checks

  2. Car controls and instruments

  3. Safe road positioning

  4. Use of car mirrors

  5. Signalling

  6. Anticipation and planning

  7. Use of speed

  8. Other traffic

  9. Left

  10. Right

  1. Left

  2. Right

More complex Junctions

  1. Cross roads, 

  2. Multi-lane,

  3. Road markings,

  4. Traffic light controlled junctions,

  5. Box junctions

  1. Lanes,

  2. Left,

  3. Right,

  4. Straight on,

  5. Multi lane

  6. Mini Roundabouts,

  7. Double Mini Roundabouts,

  8. Traffic Light controlled Roundabouts

Pedestrian crossings Traffic lights Judgement – meeting, crossing and overtaking traffic Progress, avoiding hesitancy, clearance Confidence driving on faster roads, A roads etc,

Emergency stop  Independent Driving

  1. Satnav use

  2. Following directions / signs

Show Me/Tell Me  Mock driving tests Driving test preparation

We also suggest you red our blog and free App to support you through your transition towards your practical driving test.

Or website for Apple phones is 

We hope this makes it a bit clearer as to how our lessons are structured at 4front Driving School. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in booking driving lessons with us then please give 4front Driving School a call.

If you are interested in learning to drive then please call Simon at 4front Driving School on 07905657229

Or visit our website on

You can email

Or visit our Facebook Page at

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