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Pulling in on the left during your test

During your Driving test you will be asked to find a safe and suitable place to pull in on the left.

The examiner is looking for your

Observation following the MSPSL rountine, 

Not hitting the kerb,

The distance that you leave between the car and the kerb (this should be half a car door width / a drain cover width.

That you pull in safely, 

That you don’t pull in on unauthorised road markings, bus stops, junctions or driveways,

That you apply the parking brake and put the car into neutral.

The examiner will thank you and ask you when you are ready to pull away and follow the road ahead.

At this point the examiner is looking for Your blind spot checks,

Your MSPSL routine,

That you pull away safely.

Unfortunately if the examiner sees a fault he may ask you to pull in again. If this becomes a repeated fault then it could result in a fail.

This does not mean that the examiner won’t ask you to pull in on the left more than once even if you do it perfectly. They are just making sure that each time you are completing the task correctly, in control and safely.

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