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Park Road Roundabout Loughborough

Learning how the roundabouts near you work is important. What lane to be in to go where you need to go, which roundabouts have clear directional markings, which roundabouts are spiral roundabouts, which roundabouts are traffic light controlled, which aren’t, which roundabouts that have crossings or lights on approach or at the exit.

Park Road Roundabout Loughborough

Tip – in heavy traffic keep your vehicle out of the keep clear markings so that you don’t block the roundabout junctions.

Traffic can build up on this roundabout when the traffic lights on the crossings near some of the exits of the roundabout cause traffic to stop.

Be cautious entering the roundabout when traffic is stationary even if the keep clear markings are clear as it can become difficult to see to the right of the stationary traffic in some situations. Don’t be put under pressure from vehicles behind you. Make sure your decision to go is a safe one.

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