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One Way Streets

One Way Streets.

As part of your learner driver training program with 4front Driving School we will cover areas such as one way streets and one way systems and expect you to become independent when it comes to awareness and compitentcy in one way streets too.

One way streets and one-way systems are likely be a part of the driving test route, although this depends on what types of roads exist where the test centre is located. You will also face them in everyday driving and will need to be on the look out for them in new areas that you have not driven in before.

One-way streets Rules

Traffic MUST travel in the direction indicated by signs. Buses and/or cycles may have a contraflow lane. Choose the correct lane for your exit as soon as you can. Do not change lanes suddenly, always follow the MSPSL routine when you need to change lanes. Unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise, you should use

  1. the left-hand lane when going left

  2. the right-hand lane when going right

  3. the most appropriate lane when going straight ahead. Remember – traffic could be passing on both sides.

During a driving test, the examiner will not try and trick you into driving up a one-way street in the wrong direction. They may however say something along the lines of ‘take the next available left’ and if the next road on the left is a one-way road with no entry from your direction, you will need to be sure what you are doing. Remain vigilant for all road signs whilst driving and in the case of one-way streets, no left or right turn signs.

Red circular road signs or circular signs with a red ring indicate a prohibition. A one-way road will usually have a no left or no right turn sign placed a short distance before the junction to inform motorists. On the junction itself, there will be a no entry road sign.

A blue repeated sign will appear along the one way street to remind you the driver that it is still one way and to which direction you should travel.

Road signs will also inform you of what happens at the end of the one-way road. Often a one-way road will end, giving way to road with two-way traffic.

There are also One Way Systems. 

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