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Mock Tests

What is a mock test? A mock driving test is a practice run of the real thing. Your instructor will start the lesson in the same way an examiner would start the test and assess you with feedback using a copy of the marking sheet used by the examiner. They’ll explain how the mock test works, what they’ll be assessing you on and what you’ll be required to do during the drive.

What is the point? A mock test is a great way for you and your instructor to see how well you have progressed and gives you some realistic feedback including some targets to set for your next lesson or next mock test. You need to show your instructor that you can get a good score in a mock test – enough to get a good pass on the day.

What if I don’t do well? You should not expect your first mock test to be perfect. It is a way for you to reflect back on your performance and come up with ideas with your instructor as to how you will improve on your faults next time round.

When am I going to be ready for the real thing? Everybody is different, some progress at a quick pace, others need more time working on one problem at a time. You need to be in agreement with your instructor that you are ready to take your test, that once you have passed you will be a safe and competent driver who does not rely on any help.

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