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How to prepare for your first driving lesson.

It’s quite daunting thinking about what to expect on your first driving lesson. But it should also be an exciting moment where you will be doing something new. A new challenge, a new goal and chapter in your book.

There’s simply nothing to worry about, go to your lesson open minded, be enriched by this new opportunity. Here are some pointers for being prepared and what to expect.

Read up on the Highway Code, Try to find some time, before your first lesson to have a good skim read of The Highway Code so that you start to gain some understanding of the rules of the road. You’ll also then have a head start and be able to impress your instructor along with your knowledge and understanding of what is expected of you as a driver. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before your first lesson, so that you awake the next morning feeling refreshed and alert. And make certain you haven’t had any alcohol in your system. Make sure that you bing your provisional driving license with you when you attend your first lesson. It might seem obvious, but you will be asked to show it to your instructor so that they can see that you’re legally allowed at the road, you won’t be allowed to continue with the lesson without it. Get settled in the car. Adjust your seat properly when you get into the vehicle – you want to make sure you could reach the pedals properly and press the clutch fully down to the floor. You will get used to having a routine of how you want your driving position, mirrors and steering position set up each time you get in the car.

Wear suitable shoes, try and put on comfy flat footwear without an excessive amount of of a heel or thick sole, so that you can circulate between the pedals easily with the ball of your foot. If your instructor believes that your footwear is inappropriate you will be asked to change them before continuing with the lesson. Wear comfy clothes as when you go out for lessons, as you’re the one driving. You will want to be able to stretch your legs and move your arms freely and with ease, so choose your clothes wisely when you get up for your lesson. Remember your glasses. So if you usually wear glasses or contact lenses, keep this in mind to bring them with you on your lesson. If it is sunny or likely to be sunny we suggest you bring sunglasses with you as it will help you deal with glare and excessive reflection when out driving. It is essential that you’re able to see things clearly when driving a vehicle.

Try to stay relaxed. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed, so make sure you get some time to chill out before the lesson and of course after to reflect. We believe it is important to feel confident in yourself and your own ability, so self belief is a key part of this to get the most out of each lesson. And remember – mistakes are part of learning.

Remember you’re in secure hands so don’t be frightened about asking questions, we are here to help you learn and will take control of the car if and when is needed so that you feel safe and in control. Your independence will come as you progress with your learning.

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