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How Many Hours Of Driving Tuition Will I Need?

How many hours of driving tuition will I need? It depends on a number of factors that only you can answer? Have you ever driven before? How good is your knowledge of the road? Have you read up on and completed your theory and hazard perception test? Do you have access to a car for extra practise? How confident do you feel about learning to drive? How committed are you in putting in the hours? According to the figgers from the DVSA, you’ll need around 44 hours of professional lessons to pass your driving test if you are learning from scratch. This is just an average figure – it’s important to remember that everyone’s different. Top tip: Take an Assessment Lesson and find out how many hours you might need to take, especially if you have had previous experience. This will give you a rough base line and some targets to work on. It will also focus on your possible weak points that you need to work on. Did you know that if you have ridden a motorcycle before learning to drive then you tend to be more road savvy but you need to overcome other problems like using your feet to react rather than your hands. Our tailor made assessment will help work out how many hours you’re going to need to get to test standard. What affects the number of lessons that you may need? The number of driving lessons that you will need varies from person to person. How frequently you have lessons can be a positive. You have less gaps between lessons and retain more of the things you have learnt. Learners who get extra private practice tend to pass quicker and more likely to pass first time. These sessions don’t have to be full on and could just be driving to the supermarket and practising parking. There are companys out there who offer Learner driver insurance that won’t affect your parents or partners insurance if you make a claim. It can be taken out as a temporary insurance for a week for example. Check out some of our suggested insurers via our website.

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