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First Impressions

First Impressions.

“When you arrive at the test centre for your Driving Test, first impressions are so important, it’s almost like going for an interview. Think about what you want the examiner to make of you when they call you over. They should not judge you in anyway really, but how would you feel if someone approached you who you didn’t know anything about? Avoid having your hoodie up, avoid confrontation, you are not expected to shake hands, be your self, be polite, be honest. You are not there to be their friend, you will only be with them for 40 minutes. You are there to prove that you have learnt to be a safe driver and that you are competent enough to carry this out without their help. Think about how you should turn up to the test. ‘ At the end of the day – You want to pass!’

So first impressions on the day of your driving test really do count – how you present yourself in front of the examiner is important, be professional, courteous, polite and most of all be yourself.

Your first communication with the examiner is like a job interview. Let them see how good you are, that you are competent, safe, professional and proactive.

During your test – Keep calm, stay focussed, communicate and commentate decisions that you make throughout your test.

I hope you found this useful and pass your test with pride.

If you are interested in learning to drive then please call Simon at 4front Driving School on 07905657229 Or visit our website on can email Or visit our Facebook Page at

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