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Country Roads

Country Roads

As you drive along a country road you will discover that the road ahead is windy with hedgroads un unfamiliar situations. You need to become aware a plan for the unexpected. At 4front Driving School  we encourage our students to question themselves – What you can see?

Do you have a clear view of the road ahead? 

Country roads are often narrow too and as we progress down the windy you will come across blind bends. You need to think about what might be just out of sight. Can you cope if you need to stop suddenly?

You may not be familiar with the route so those tight corners and blind bends could well come as a surprise to you, therefore look out for the obvious warning signs and disappearing bends ahead. How far a head can you see?

What’s the weather like? Wet weather, the mulch from leaves and mud from farm vehicles all make a difference to tyre grip.

How much traffic is there and what kind of traffic is it?

Don’t let beautiful scenery and seemingly empty country roads fool you. 

You need to be alert as you’ll get little, if any, warning. For example, you might find farm animals in the road, horse riders, pedestrians, cyclists or even huge farm machines that take up most of the road.

You can never predict what’s going to happen on your journey. What you can do is use your hazard perception skills which you need to develop as a learner, keep scanning the road ahead and all around you and drive at a safe speed that will allow you stop safely if you come across an unexpected hazard.

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