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Congratulations Sophie for passing your Driving Test

A huge congratulations 🎉🎊🥇to 'Sophie' for passing her driving test 🚗 on 28th July. She was over the moon with excitement. Such an amazing feeling to have achieved your goals. No more taxis to work, no more lifts from Mum, no more public transport- the freedom is all yours. I am very proud of you Sophie, you have been a delight to teach. I wish you all the best, safe driving - your instructor Simon @ 4front Driving School #Loughborough #drivingschoolloughborough #4frontdrivingschool #DrivingInstructornearme #traintobecomeadrivinginstructor #drivinginstructorloughborough #drivinglessonsloughborough #drivinginstructor #drivingschool

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