Our Aims & Objectives @ 4front Driving School

Our Aims & Objectives @ 4front Driving School

At 4front Driving School we understand that each individual will learn in their own individual way and at their own speed. You may be someone who likes to be given time to reflect on your learning, so we provide opportunities and resources to help you achieve this such as our blog, teaching style and focus on client centred learning.

We do not want you to feel pressured to move on to the next step if you do not feel ready. We want to create agreed targets with you that we set with you each lesson so that you progress at your own pace.

Every individual has their own learning style and therefore we will always try and adapt our teaching approach to suit your requirements, for example you may be someone who likes to read up on the activity before hand so that you come to your lessons prepared. Or you may be the kinesthetic type who likes to try out different methods to find the technique to suit the task that works for you.

Our client-centred learning is an approach to learning that takes into account how you – the learner prefers to learn. When people learn in this way they are more likely to retain information and skills.

Our students are also encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage. You may want to keep a self reflection journal to highlight what went well, what didn’t go so well and what you want to work on next time.

Self reflection also works well in your theory revision. We encourage our students to keep a log of questions they got wrong in their practice tests and keep a log of them with the correct answers. We encourage post-it notes used in revision books so that you can read up on areas that you may not be fully familiar with.

At the end of the day you need to look at what type of learner you are and this will help us develop a strategy to teach you to your full potential.

Read on to find out what type of learner you are…

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