• Simon Harrison

Keeping COVID Safe - When Returning To Lessons On 3rd December

Hi Guys, Looking ahead for next weeks schedule and restarting lessons. We are still waiting for the confirmation from DVSA, although their post still states from the start of Lockdown that tests and lessons will resume from the 3rd December.

We have a busy schedule ahead, many still waiting for the opportunity to start learning with us. Thank you all for being so patient and waiting. We will try our best to accommodate you when spaces become available. Those after prime time slots after 3.30 or Sunday slots may have to wait longer, test depending.

Unfortunately COVID has caused yet more setbacks in our services. So please make sure you are well and COVID symptom free before you come out for any lessons or tests. Please make sure you have read, understood and submitted our COVID terms and conditions too. Its not a case of just submitting it. Following our requirements is a must.


Just like before the latest lockdown, we are doing everything we can do to create a COVID safe environment for you to learn in.

Stay Safe Everyone.

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