• Simon Harrison

February update

Hi Guys. 1st of February and a month in to 2021. lf you have a test booked in February or the start of March I suggest you move it and hunt for spaces available or it will be moved to a date you can't choose by DVSA.

You should be allocated a new date anyway but you probably want some control and by the sounds of it dates are still being changed at the last minute - just before your test.

On the positive - there will be an end to this pandemic and we will all be able to return to work and teach you when they say its safer for us to do so. If you're struggling, I'm always here to have a chat. Hopefully we will get back to some kind of norm in 6 or so + weeks.

No date confirmed yet, but I'm certain our industry will be allowed to go back some time after schools return.

I miss you all and can't wait until we get back on the road.

Simon @4front Driving School 07905657229

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