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Extended driving tests and what to expect

Driving bans can be incredibly frustrating. They can completely change your way of life and leave you with many unanswered questions about what to do next.

If you have been banned from driving, or are concerned you may receive a ban following a recent driving conviction, we recommend that you get an assessment with 4front Driving School and look at the grey areas that you need to improve on to pass the extended driving test.

If the court told you that you must take another driving test before driving again, you’ll have to apply for a new provisional licence.

You can drive as soon as your ban is over and you’ve passed the tests you need to take. Extended tests will last about twice as long as a standard test and include one of the usual manoeuvres and definitely an emergency stop. With regard to faults they’re marked in exactly the same way as a normal car test.

The independent part of the driving uses a couple of the standard satnav sections, but after that you will go out a little bit further into the countryside for example.

You are expected to drive as an experienced driver and it is a good idea to iron out faults that you have developed over the years so that you show professional and safe driving techniques throughout the test.

At 4front Driving School we can help you achieve this and after your assessment would organise a number of mock tests to improve your standard of driving to pass your extended test.

We are here to support you.

To find out more and what we can offer you call Simon on 07905657229.

How to get a new licence

  1. DVLA will send you a reminder 56 days before your disqualification ends - use this to apply for a new provisional driving licence. If you did not get a reminder, order an application form instead. Order form D1 for a car and motorbike licence or form D2 for a lorry and bus licence.

  2. Book and take a theory and practical test (or compulsory basic training and motorcycle practical test if you ride a motorcycle). Book and take an extended practical test if the court told you to take one. The extended practical test lasts at least 60 minutes and has higher fees.

  3. When you’ve passed the practical test, ask the examiner to arrange for your new licence to be sent to you - you can legally drive as soon as you’ve passed the practical test.

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