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Counselling Therapy In Loughborough

Not only am I a Driving Instructor, but I also run therapy sessions at Mind and Therapy.

We are a Local Counselling Service offering a range of Therapy Treatments, tailored around you to suit your needs. We strive to provide the best possible Therapy Services in Loughborough and want to help you find a path towards your end goals.

I am Simon Harrison, Therapist, Business Owner, Father, Husband & I believe that there is always a path to realisation. We just need to find it and sometimes it is entangled in jigsaw puzzle maze. Like you, I am only human. We all have feelings and emotions, some of which we find difficult to manage due to situations or traumas in our lives. I have experienced so much in my life and had to find my path to deal with them. I don't think I could call myself a Therapist if I had not experienced Counselling Therapy myself. I still have a connection with my therapist and believe she inspired me to give back the support to others…… You.

Throughout my career I have actively and empathetically listened to many people who have found the courage to open out and ask for support. I will always aim to uphold a close relationship with my clients, built on trust, privacy and respect. No other relationships we may experience are like a healthy client/therapist relationship. I believe strongly that our therapeutic relationship that will be established is important as it involves a healing process, one that goes far beyond just being a service.

Counselling is a positive, emotionally-uplifting experience that can help you overcome mental health problems. In many cases emotional distress has an underlying cause from substantial life changes. We can support your needs such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bereavement and Loss,

  • A health scare

  • Abuse and Trauma

  • Relationship issues

  • Self esteem and confidence

  • Work-related issues

  • Personal Growth

  • General 'stuckness'/lack of direction

  • Relationships,

However, it is not always necessary to know what the cause of one's distress is, things usually become clearer as your sessions progress.

At Mind & Therapy, our holistic counselling and psychotherapy services in Loughborough aim to provide you with a safe and confidential place so that you can raise sensitive issues and topics without the fear of judgement, reprisal or ridicule. At Mind & Therapy I believe it is vitally important for my clients to feel safe and understood in order to progress towards a satisfactory resolution, completely on your own terms. When you feel safe, then you will feel more comfortable and willing to open up in order to express deep-rooted feelings and issues. I aim to be a party to your emotions, thoughts and feelings. This is the first step towards being aware of the root causes of your emotions and thoughts, and you will then be able to explore and progress to a better life.

We always strive to support physical, emotional, psychological and holistic needs through Client Centred Therapy Sessions. Our aim is to help clients develop and improve their mindfulness, and self-acceptance, to develop their own sustainable and effective strategies to regulate their own emotional well-being, through listening and helping them find a way to change their mindset for the better. Giving them time to absorb and think as their mental health should start becoming a priority.

To find out more visit my website at

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