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A bit about me

A bit about me - I am Simon Harrison - the Artist and Craftsman behind the products available from LoughLeigh Arts & Crafts. I lived in Leigh-on-sea in Essex for most of my life and moved to Loughborough in 2019, hence the name of my page. I have a PGCE in Art and Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. I also run my other Business as the director of 4front Driving School.My aim with LoughLeigh Arts & Crafts is to combine my skills to produce affordable art that represents my style and way of thinking.

My most recent approach is ink drawings and watercolour or a combination of the two. I strive to succeed through experimentation and imagination. The world is in an unusual place at the moment and so I have chosen to use my art to fall back on and dip into when I can. I hope that my work brings people a moment of happiness and fulfilment. Art has a multitude of styles and is a thing that is not always to everyones taste, but I hope that my work will be cherished by those who choose it.

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