What Type of Learner am I?

What Type of Learner am I?

Auditory Learner

If you are an Auditory learner then you will often learn better when you have the task or information explained and discussed with you. You would much rather listen to instructions rather than read up on written notes beforehand. You will often use your own voices to reinforce new concepts and ideas. You like to explain decisions you are making and justify them. You are someone who likes to speak out, question and criticise without fear, aren’t afraid to speak up in and you are great at verbally explaining things. You may also like things repeated by the instructor to re-enforce the task or instructions.

Kinesthetic Learner

If you are a Kinesthetic learner or “tactile” learner then you tend to learn through experiencing or doing things. You like to get right in the thick of things by having a go and learning from mistakes in order to understand concepts and processes. You might struggle to sit still and listen to an instruction and prefer a more hands on demonstration. In other areas you are more hands on in a practical sense. You will develop a physical sense what you are learning studying and develop your own concepts to adapt and modify to suit similar situations.

Reading and Writing Learner

If you are a Reading and Writing Learner then you prefer to learn through written words. While there is some overlap with visual learning, you are drawn to expression through writing or reading articles such as our blog, You will read up on the task before hand, research concepts and reflect back on what you have experienced and learnt through writing in diaries. You are keen to analyse criticism and find valid solutions to problems.

Visual learners

If you are a visual learner then you are someone with a preference for seeing demonstrations and observing what others do. Pictures, diagrams and written directions help you picture the task at hand. If you are a visual learner then you tend to understand information better when it’s presented in a visual way. You quite like to doodle, make lists and take notes to help you learn.

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