Speed Limits

Speed Limits

At 4front Driving School we encourage our students to be observant towards speed limit signs and look out for the change of speed which is more likely to be placed at the junction to a new road, but can also appear at points on a long carriageway too.

National Speed Limit

To begin with when learning to drive we say to our learners to drive at a speed they feel comfortable with. Once you have built up your confidence you can aim towards achieving a safe speed to drive at. Remember it can also be dangerous driving to slow. There is no excuse for dangerous driving wheather it be too fast or too slow.

Maximum Speed

Gantries across motorways

Basic Speed Limit Signs

If you are driving around a town and there are no signs then the speed limit is 30mph. If the speed limit goes from 40-30 or any other speed to 30 then you will see the change of speed as a 30mph sign. This usually appears at at junction into a new road or exit on a roundabout.

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